Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

On the positive side...

...I am in Dublin.

On the not so positive side, my flight was delayed more than an hour, and I forgot to check some fairly basic details of my accommodation, then got thoroughly soaked so that the bit of paper with the details I did have disintegrated.

I did eventually find the student accommodation offices (which for some strange reason are inside Trinity College, and not on College Green which is the big shopping street opposite the college, which is what the papers said) but by the time I'd checked in, found my room, sorted out WiFi etc etc it was too late to find the convention centre and actually join the con, that will have to wait for tomorrow. I have however found a cheap and OK burger place and some other sources of cheapish food so the day isn't entirely wasted. I think the Wednesday of my trip to the Helsinki worldcon had similar results.

The accommodation is pretty good, a room with en-suite loo and shower on the first floor of one of the less historic college buildings. There's a kitchen next door if I want to do things really cheaply and buy ready-meals or something. The price does include breakfast (the booking form said it didn't) and it's about 30-50 Euros a night cheaper than the hotels so I'm pretty happy. It's about a mile from the convention centre, my aim is to walk it as much as possible and exercise off the cheap burgers. This is about the same situation I had in Helsinki and that worked pretty well, I'm just praying for good weather. Meanwhile I need to investigate public transport in case of more downpours.

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