Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

First impressions

Breakfast was good - lots of the usual choices and reasonably well cooked - on a student cafeteria setup. Plenty of mushrooms, bacon, black pudding, scrambled eggs etc., continental options, etc., so a definite plus.

The route to the convention centre turns out to be dead simple - head east on the campus to the north pedestrian gate, keep going east then north to the Liffey, cross it on a nice footbridge, then go east again to the centre. You can see the centre as soon as you get to the Liffey so it's hard to get lost! About a half hour at my snails pace, at least ten minutes of that on the campus getting to the right gate. Hopefully I'll get a bit faster now I know the way.

Registration was FAST, about three minutes queuing then a quick ID check and they print out the badge and you're in. Probably longer for program participants etc. This was about the same time as Helsinki, which makes me wonder again how London 2012 screwed up so badly, with queue times well over an hour. Hopefully any future UK con is taking notes....

The programme seems to be in adequately sized rooms so far, but I've only been to two panels, neither featuring George R.R. Martin. Early days, of course.

More as the con progresses.

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