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Home again home again...

I haven't been especially good about blogging from the Worldcon, but there hasn't really been a lot to say - lots of queuing, though the rest of the con was better than Friday because they got various people to keep the queues under control a bit - didn't always get to see my first choice, but there was enough variety that I almost always found something of interest. Enjoyed myself enough that I think it was worthwhile, and I'll probably go to another Euro Worldcon if it happens.

So, a little earlier than I really needed to, I left Trinity College this morning and headed home. The journey was OK - plane was delayed about 25 minutes but otherwise OK, and I didn't get soaked at any stage; in fact it's now fairly sunny in London.

I didn't use nearly as much cash as expected - didn't spend a lot in the book room or go out for any hugely extravagant meals, and had access to a kitchenette at the college - I ate a Tesco chicken jalfrezi ready-meal one evening, a Subway meal another, and had cheaper options at the local burger place etc. Even failed in my one attempt to buy someone a drink, because someone intercepted me to chat as we walked into the bar and by the time I turned around Charlie had disappeared. Also walked every day and didn't use public transport apart from the airport bus.

As a result I've come home with just over 200 Euros. My feeling on this is that unless I particularly need the money (or it looks like something horrible is happening to the Euro) I'll leave them as Euros for now, because the pound will probably drop a fair bit before I need Euros again. Am I being sensible here, or should I rush back and change them for patriotic British plastic?

I took a few touristy photos, mostly of the Liffey etc., and will post the best of them to Flickr tonight. I'll add a link when they're up.

Later - photos are here:

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