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Two more RPG bundle offers - Campaign Cartographer

Two more offers for the best-known RPG mapping program: One is the core program and various accessories, an offer which was previously run last year, the other is an all-new collection for city mapping:


Mappers! Our friends at ProFantasy Software have resurrected the April 2018 Campaign Cartographer Bundle featuring Campaign Cartographer 3+, the tabletop roleplaying hobby's flagship mapping program for Microsoft Windows. Authors, game designers, and thousands of gamers have beautifully mapped the worlds of their imagination with CC3+. Once again this offer brings you digital downloads of the complete, current CC3+ program, along with tutorials, Style Packs, symbol sets, and map collections -- all for an unbeatable price.

ProFantasy's Core Collection includes the complete, DRM-free Campaign Cartographer 3+ core program (retail price US$40) and the Tome of Ultimate Mapping (retail $20), a 710-page guide with more than 150MB of support files like example maps, symbol catalogs, tutorial files, and templates. You get both of these, a combined $65 retail value, for just $29.95 -- a 54% discount.

And if you pay more than this offer's threshold price of $64.77, you'll level up and also get serial numbers redeemable for ProFantasy's Bonus Collection with no less than fourteen more CC3+ add-ons worth an additional $136: the Dungeon Designer 3 plug-in (retail $40) and more than a dozen Style Packs, tool sets, and map collections originally released as part of ProFantasy's Cartographer's Annual series. The entire offer has a total retail value of $201, one of the richest in Bundle history.


This all-new City Designer Bundle features the City Designer 3 add-on and many downloadable maps, floorplans, and style packs for the Windows mapping program Campaign Cartographer 3+ from ProFantasy Software. This bargain-priced offer is a companion to the revived April 2018 Campaign Cartographer Bundle now in progress, and these add-ons require the core CC program, the tabletop roleplaying hobby's flagship mapping software for Microsoft Windows. If you don't already have Campaign Cartographer 3+, start there! Then return here for the City Designer expansion and many maps, floorplans, and style packs that bring the power of CC3+ to city streets ancient, modern, and fantastic.

For just US$29.95, ProFantasy Software gives you serial numbers you can redeem on their site for all six titles in this offer's Starter Collection (retail value $77), including the City Designer 3 expansion (retail price $40); Symbol Set 2 - Fantasy Floorplans (retail $25); and four Style Packs (total retail $12): the City Designer 3 Example City, City Roofs and Frills, Alyssa Faden's City Streets, and City Panoramas.

And if you pay more than this offer's threshold price of $49.98, you'll level up and also get serial numbers redeemable for ProFantasy's entire Bonus Collection with twelve more titles worth an additional $110, including Source Maps: Cities! and Source Maps: Castles! (retail $40 apiece) plus ten more style packs that add mapping tools to fashion maps from ancient history, fantasy, and the 1930s: Fantasy City, Ruins, Random Cities, Black & White Cities, Black & White Towns, Jon Roberts Cities, John Speed City, Isometric Cities, 1930s Street Maps, and Cthulhu City.

Note: Software is hosted on the ProFantasy Software site, not on Bundle of Holding site or on DriveThruRPG.

CC3+, along with the rest of these programs, runs on any Windows PC with Windows XP or later, and requires 2GB of disk space. Learn more about our offers at our official blog, Beyond the Bundle.

Ten percent of your payment (after payment gateway fees) will be donated to these two Campaign Cartographer offers' designated charity,

Campaign cartographer is undoubtedly the premier program for RPG mapping - it isn't a program I use personally because most of my RPGs are set in versions of the "real" world, so it's easier to use public-domain and copyright-expired alternatives. But if you're producing maps on a regular basis and want things to look professional I strongly recommend it.
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