Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Google Maps

How in hell do you get an edit to stick on Google Maps?

There's a block of flats in my street. Flats in that block have the address [flat number] [name of block] [name of street]

Google Maps seems to have decided that a lot of houses in the street (including mine) have the address [house number] [name of block] [name of street]. I've repeatedly tried to correct this, and they've sent me emails saying that the edit has been accepted, but when I look at the address again it's still coming up with the block name.

This has caused a LOT of problems with couriers etc., who appear to regard Google Maps as gospel.

There appears to be no way to contact anyone at Google who is capable of correcting this. I'm thinking about sending an actual letter by snail mail to their London offices. Does anyone know who this should be addressed to?

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