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Meme Me Up. Spotty...

This is a meme I'm stealing from Roz Kaveney and others, seems like a good idea. I know about some of the people who have friended me, others are strangers or may be reading this on someone else's friends page, without knowing who I am.

First, about me: I'm Marcus Rowland, educational lab technician and writer. I'm 50, live in London. Credits include the Forgotten Futures and Diana: Warrior Princess RPGs, a couple of SF and horror stories anthologised, and some fanfic, mostly BtVS related. My main interests are Victorian & Edwardian SF, SF in general, BtVS and related fiction / TV, etc. Three pet snakes, approx 5000 books and games, and more laserdiscs and DVDs than make much sense complete my household.

Why not tell me something about yourself?

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