Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

More mobile woes

Since I switched my phone and number I can't receive incoming calls - they're going to voicemail without the phone ringing. I think that this is a problem with my phone provider, Freedompop, rather than the phone. Their technical support is now more or less non-existent, it looks like there have been a couple of takeovers by other companies, so I'm looking at alternatives.

The company that stands out is a company called IDMobile, who offer a plan that's better and only slightly more expensive than Freedompop - 1GB data (currently 3GB but I think that's a temporary thing because of the epidemic) and unlimited calls and texts for £6 a month, or a 5GB service for £8 a month.

Anyone know anything about them? Any horror stories?

The other one I'm considering is BT - 1GB and unlimited calls and text for a fiver a month since I'm using their broadband. I've never used their mobile services, any weird problems?

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