Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Phone woes update - I'm an idiot!

Following exhaustive enquiries it turns out that the phone problem was entirely my own fault.

At one point I had two freedompop sims - one in a little SIM to WIFI converter box, the other (which I got a little later) in my first iPhone. When Freedompop started to charge for their services I shut down the account for the SIM to WiFi converter, since I wasn't using it.

You're probably way ahead of me...

When I got the new iPhone I couldn't remember the password, so requested a reset. Unfortunately when I did that I used my main email address, which happened to be the one for the disused SIM, rather than another email address I use for stuff like product registrations, which was the one I used for the iPhone SIM. For some reason it let me do a reset, rather than telling me the account was closed, but gave me a new phone number because the one I wanted was already in use (it was the one associated with the newer SIM).

Since the account was supposed to be shut down I couldn't receive calls.

I still have no idea why I was receiving texts and able to make calls, but it's now sorted, and I'm now back to my old number. I've sent a reminder to friends and family, but thought I might as well show off my stupidity here too...

Later - I think I've figured out the making calls thing - Freedompop uses VOIP by default when the phone is connected to Wifi, so there would be no problem with calling out, though it should have been blocked as an inactive account. Calling back presumably doesn't work because the SIM wasn't connecting to their network or something. Still not sure how the receiving texts thing worked, but since it's sorted I'm not going to worry too much. Fortunately I only got round to changing my mobile number on a couple of sites before the problems started, and both of them were easy to change back.

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