Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Mac problems round 1...

I'm having a couple of problems setting up the new iBook with the network at home. Most notably:

Linksys Router - got wired internet access and file sharing working reasonably easily, but I don't think it's even detecting the 802.llb WiFi signal, let alone able to use it to network. This works fine with a WiFi card in my old Compaq. Anyone got this combination of hardware and able to tell me what settings you've used?

Samsung ML-1750 printer - the Apple driver install on the CD is for OS-9; I ran the install program using the "classic" thingy but can't figure out how to print from OS X. It doesn't show up in the OS X printer menus at all. Anyone using one of these with OS X? Before anyone asks, there appears to be nothing useful on Samsung's site. It has USB and parallel ports, ideally I'd prefer to use it via a printer server attached to the parallel port - see below.

Edimax parallel printer server (links network to Samsung printer). Again, the Mac doesn't seem to know it exists. I can't seem to get the settings right manually and the setup program is a total dog and seems to be for PCs only. Ideally I'd like to print via this, rather than via USB. Anyone got any ideas?

Shared Canon inkjet printer on my main PC - the Mac doesn't seem to know it's there. Again, any ideas on how to let it know? Will it only detect it if it's switched on? It shows up in the menus on my PCs at all times if the main PC is on.

This is a lot to ask, I know, but I'm just pretty clueless in a Mac environment when it comes to hacking the settings at this sort of level.

Later: Laser printer now sorted on USB, still no joy with network print server. WiFi about 60% sorted, it works but I can't encrypt or look at shared files. No luck with network printer server, Canon driver found but doesn't seem to want to work if addressed via another PC


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