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Had a wonderful time, and both I and Matt Goodman seemed to do pretty well with Diana: Warrior Princess, he sold most of his stock and I sold about half of the copies I had on the games table, and gave more to various people who had contributed ideas etc. A percentage of the price of the books I sold will be going to charity, between that and the charity CD I raised about nineteen pounds for Cancer Research UK. The convention itself ran an auction that raised nearly a thousand pounds for the Samaritans; I put in some old computer games, Matt put in proofs of two books that won't now be published, the Risus version of Diana... and Masters of the Graviton, a Forgotten Futures adventure book that isn't going to happen. Think that they did moderately well.

One thing did bug me about the Diana... game I ran; I had four people sign up to play, plus two who signed up as reserves, had to tell an old friend that the game was full, then only three of the four turned up, and neither reserve. I think that people who commit to things like this should try to remember that if they change their plans they should cross their names off, to give others a chance to play. But the three players who did turn up seemed to have fun, and that's the main thing.

Not sure how the other books went - to be honest I forgot to ask Matt, if I'm feeling a little more lively tomorrow I'll meet him at the pub and ask. Right now I'm pretty dead.

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