Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland
ffutures and Eastercon Update

Tried this again - some friends organised a trial meeting so people could check their hardware etc. My experience was not good - sound stopped working after a minute or so, and wouldn't resume regardless of anything I tried. This may be because I wasn't running it on Chrome, which is what they recommend for mac users, but I don't like Chrome and don't have it installed.

Add to that the company that runs allegedly doesn't comply with Euro / British data protection and privacy laws, and I'm really not feeling very inclined to use it, which means I'll be missing out on some of the social side of Eastercon. And they still haven't announced which video service will be used for panels - I've heard it's something used by Channel 4 for their web sites, and I can't recall ever accessing them - even if I did, I doubt it will give me any idea what the hardware / software requirements are for participants.

As far I know the Eastercon committee haven't yet contacted programme participants, and they last called for volunteers only a few days ago. With less than two weeks to go to the start of the convention this is not very encouraging. I put my name in as a possible program participant, but I think I may have to withdraw if they don't make the position clearer pretty soon.

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