Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Eastercon Day 1 is, as I'd feared, pretty much useless under the load of a full-sized convention with several hundred participants, nobody seems to be able to use it properly because the servers keep freezing etc.

I was on my first programme item at five, it did not go well - it was almost impossible to find out how to join the panel because emails that gave the details weren't sent out to all participants. When we got this more or less sorted (although by sharing a single link so everyone ended up with the wrong user name on screen) we got about twenty minutes into quite a fun panel before someone told us it wasn't going out. That seemed to be fixed and we restarted - then were told after another ten minutes or so that it still wasn't going out, and eventually that the server had died. So the panel was unfortunately seen by its participants and nobody else, and we talked over much of the same stuff twice which was a little annoying.

My feeling at the moment is that I will not be using again, with my blood pressure I simply don't need the aggravation. I will try watching panels later on tonight, if they have sorted the server, and hopefully by the time I'm on another panel, on Monday, some of the issues will be resolved.

My fear is that they won't send out the links to join the program for the other three days, since they've already screwed up to this extent, and that the whole con will be a waste of my money and a weekend.

Maybe they shouldn't have called the con Confusion!

Later - as of 7.25pm only one panel out of 5 is working on the streaming video, the others are blank, and unfortunately the one that's working is people talking about using video conferencing which - well, let's just say I really don't want to go there. I'll try again for the next lot of panels.

and at 8pm only one panel worked initially, but fortunately the one I wanted to see got their tech sorted at about 8.15

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