Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Eastercon Day 3 (continued) and 4, and Congrats Alison!

The tech used for panels mostly seemed to improve on Sunday, but there were still a few very late starts, and I ended up watching three of the items that interested me on the "holodeck" replay late in the evening. I don't think I interacted with anyone the entire day, which really isn't what I normally expect to get out of a con.

Today I was on a panel at 10 AM which went fairly well - a few sound issues, and glitches with one of the participant's bandwidth which could have occurred regardless of the tech used, but it all seemed to go well enough apart from that. The other panels I viewed seemed to be running well. But again I felt a bit remote from the panels I wasn't involved in - for some reason the page that took you to the viewer didn't link to the separate site you needed to use to enter a question etc., unless I missed something, and while I'm sure that the information was out there somewhere I for one couldn't find it. I didn't try Gathertown again, and really hope that nobody plans to use it for another con.

So - not as bad as I initially feared, but not as good as I'd hoped, which seems to be a fairly common reaction. Caught the start of the closing ceremony to see who won the Doc Weir award - Congrats, Alison, if you're reading this! - but really didn't feel inclined to stay for the rest, since I wanted lunch.

Still a bit of daylight left so I can go take test photos with some of the lenses I'll be selling next week. Oh, the excitement...

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