Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

The Watch

 Saw the first two episodes of The Watch last night.

It's a weird interpretation of Pratchett but it sort of works if you think of it as a more modern world where magic has replaced a lot of technology then everything has gone horribly wrong. The main problem I have with it, I think, is the big divide between my expectations for Discworld and the version I'm seeing. It's definitely aimed at the yooth market, but that isn't necessarily all bad.

Things I quite liked included the effects, which were pretty good, the actress playing the Patrician (who is always addressed as Sir or by his titles), and that the actors do seem to be taking their roles seriously. DEATH definitely does talk IN CAPITALS ALL THE TIME though I think that's as much down to sound processing as to the actor, and Vimes and Lady Sybil are excellent.

Things I didn't like included one early and fairly gratuitous character death, and the relatively small size of the watch - so far there's only Carrot, Angnua, Vimes, Detritus and Cheery Longbottom, no Nobby etc. And the sound could stand to be a LOT clearer!

I'll probably watch more.

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