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And another bundle - Streaming Overays

This is an offer that really doesn't interest me at all, since I don't do streaming games. I have no idea if it's useful, so I'm simply passing on the information. One thing I should mention is that this offer ends earlier than usual, on the 29th of September:

Warm Tavern Streaming OverlayThis all-new Streaming Overlays Bundle presents image sets that enhance online RPG sessions on streaming services like Twitch and YouTube. Overlays -- graphics used by RPG livestreams and Actual Play series like Critical Role, Acquisitions Incorporated, High Rollers DnD, The Gauntlet, and many more -- showcase the gamemaster, players, and maps in attractive frames, and mark stream-related events with alert panels.

Streaming grows more common by the year. Publishers see its publicity value; every major Kickstarter campaign highlights an Actual Play session featuring its game. Hopeful actors and game designers alike view livestreams as an audition platform. And a March 2020 VentureBeat article, "How tabletop RPG actual play shows are inspiring a new generation of fans -- and products," shows how streaming gives creators one more way to develop direct relationships with their audience.

Especially commissioned for this offer and not yet available for sale anywhere else, these beautiful full-color overlay sets by graphic designer Brian Podell of Exploding Dice Studio dress up your streaming games. For each set, Brian took inspiration from a published D&D 5E setting (Descent into Avernus, Ravenloft, Rime of the Frostmaiden, Secrets of Saltmarsh, Tomb of Annihilation, and Waterdeep Dragon Heist). These sets fit thematically with a wide range of games and settings, from traditional fantasy to pulp to cosmic evil. Each set includes these files:

Gothic Castle Streaming Overlay Be Right Back screen

  • A full-color 1920x1080px main screen image in .PNG format, with webcam frames for the gamemaster, five individual players, and map, plus a display area for chat, ads, or alerts
  • Three additional full-color .JPG 1920x1080px before-and-after images (Starting Soon, Be Right Back, Thanks for Watching)
  • Thirteen small full-color .PNG information panel headers (About, Cast, Charity, Discord, Donation, Facebook, Merchandise, Rules, Schedule, Subscribe, Top Donors, Twitter, YouTube), plus a blank stream alert panel
  • Two Photoshop .PSD master image files: one for all the main screens, another for all the headers
  • All the fonts used in the images

We provide each overlay set as an archive of flat (non-animated) .JPG or PNG images and Photoshop .PSD files. Like all Bundle of Holding titles, these files have NO DRM (Digital Restrictions Management), and our customers are entitled to move them freely among all their devices.

Ten percent of each purchase (after gateway fees) goes to this offer's designated charity,Direct Relief. Direct Relief gets protective gear and critical care medications to health workers, with emergency deliveries to medical facilities across the US and to regional response agencies across the world.

Hell Streaming OverlayThe total retail value of the overlay sets in this offer is US$240. Customers who pay just US$7.95 get both complete, previously unpublished overlay sets in our Overlay Sampler (retail value $80): Frozen Ruin and Old Pirate Ship.

Those who pay more than the threshold (average) price, which is set at $17.95 to start, also get our Complete Collection with four more overlay sets worth an additional $160: Warm Tavern, Gothic Castle, Jungle Temple, and Hell.

Getting started streaming

  • "How to Stream Your TTRPG Show" by Megan Tolentino of The Redacted Files (Medium, March 2020)
  • You'll need an OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) program to create your video, such as the free and open-source StreamLabs. Wikipedia lists programs in the category "software vision mixer."
  • To get all your players on camera, use a videoconferencing service such as Discord, Zoom, Skype, or Gmail Chat. Look for a service that lets each player record their own voice track individually, which can be helpful. The article above gives detailed instructions.
  • Close-caption your games using a service like the free Web Captioner and these detailed webcaptioning instructions.
  • If you want to edit your completed recording, you have many choices, such as the free and open-source OpenShot video editor and the sound editors in the August 2021 Techie Gamers article "Top 5 Free Audacity Alternatives."
  • And you'll need a Twitch or YouTube account. Start uploading!

As I said, I really have no idea if this is a good offer or not, and can't comment since I don't use this tech at all. If you do it may be a godsend. Or not...

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