Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Night Life on line

Someone else has been doing Thorne Smith scans, and has just put Night Life of the Gods on line at

This is a bit annoying in one respect - Andrew has gone to the trouble of sending me a copy, and it wasn't really necessary - but I'd want to check it against hard copy anyway. I'll also want to split it into separate chapter files, since that'll make conversion to other ebook formats much easier.

He's also apparently part way through doing Turnabout, and I'm hoping that we can come to an arrangement where I let him use my e-texts and vice versa. Good news anyway.

I'm about half way through the corrections etc. for The Bishop's Jaegers, ought to have it on line tonight or (more likely) tomorrow. Turns out to be funnier than I remember, but a lot more of a farce than the other stories. Does rely on the reader thinking that underwear is incredibly funny, of course, but nobody's perfect...

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