Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Progress report - Thorne Smith novels and corrections.

Someone has sent me Rain in the Doorway as a plain-text file - I'm still working on Skin and Bones and have some other stuff to deal with so it'll be a few days before I get to it. I'm going to need help with this one, since I don't have a copy to check it against - is there anyone who owns a copy and would be willing to look throgh for bits that are italicised, have foreign accents, etc?

I also have a promise of Turnabout from the guy who did Night Life of the Gods, subject to his recovering it from a trashed hard disk, so with luck that will also be on line pretty soon - if not I'll scan it myself, which'll be a PITA but never mind. Hopefully that will just leave The Glorious Pool to be done entirely by me. It's a paperback with yellowing pages so ought to be interesting (for annoying values of interesting)...

I've been sent corrections for The Jovial Ghosts (AKA Topper) and spotted a few more errors while fixing it. Replacement files are now on line. The current list of completed stories is as follows: - The Jovial Ghosts (revised 12/4/05) - Topper Takes a Trip - The Stray Lamb - The Bishop's Jaegers - The Night-Life of the Gods

Again, I would be VERY grateful for feedback on errors etc. This is going VERY well, and I hope to have the lot done by the end of the month and put them on line properly with a little help.

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