Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland


The bad news is that the guy who scanned "Night Life of the Gods" has had a catastrophic hard disk failure and lost the file of "Turnabout", apparently for good, so it looks like I'll be doing that one for myself. He's sent me a load of corrections for "Topper Takes A Trip", which I'll put on line ASAP.

The other bad news is that due to spending way too much time trying to sort a problem with my brother-in-law's PC I still haven't finished scanning "Skin and Bones", let alone formatting it for HTML. Ought to finish tonight, with luck, but I've lost most of the time I thought I'd saved.

So I've now got five books done, and am nearly ready to convert "Skin and Bones" and "Rain in the Doorway" to HTML. That leaves me with "Turnabout" and "The Glorious Pool" to scan. The snag in all this is that I still don't have a copy of "Rain...", so that may get left until last in hopes one turns up.

Things could be a lot worst, I suppose, but I really won't feel happy until I've got the lot done.

Later: Just found someone with a copy and relatively cheap postage to the UK and placed an order - hopefully I'll have it by the time I've finished the other books.

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