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Season's Greetings

Every year I post some sort of card on my site etc.

Due to circumstances beyond my control (my PC broke down around the time I was starting to think about scanning a Victorian image, it looks like my old scanner isn't compatible with my new PC and I haven't got around to replacing it yet) I'm recycling an old image which I first used for cards several years ago; apologies if you've seen it before. It was originally created using various versions of the Fractint fractals program in 640x480 256-colour resolution; I've resampled and saved it at a couple of higher resolutions, for use as desktops etc., but don't expect miracles. I can't now say what all the different fractals were, this is probably an exercise for experts.

A Very Merry Whatever And A Happy New Year

800 x 600 - 159k - click image for 640 x 480 - 102K - 1024 x 768 - 212k


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