Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Rain In The Doorway...

...has arrived.

Not going to be able to start editing the e-text until Sunday night at the earliest, I've just too much else to do, but at least I now have all of the Thorne Smith source material.

Now back to the salt mines; I'm putting together all of the stuff I'll need to run three games on Saturday at Salute. I decided to try to keep things down to two hours per scenario, which'll give me time for one Forgotten Futures session (part of one of the FF IX campaigns), one Diana session (Elvis: The Legendary Tours), and Flatlander: The Thickening, my Highlander parody for the Flatland RPG, a cut-down Forgotten Futures variant. It'll be tough to fit it all in, but I think I'll get more players for shorter adventures, and if it works I'll try to do something similar at Dragonmeet in December, which will give more people a chance to try my games.

Just making some paper Flatlanders, which I'll get laminated tomorrow. Luxury...

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