Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Nearly forgot to say...

I gave another hundred quid to Cancer Research UK today; with the money I took on Saturday I've raised a total of £1576.00, of which £1568 has so far been given to Cancer Research UK or its predecessor charities. I meant to give them another tenner today but forgot, it can wait until next time.

Got my 11g router in the post today, got that working VERY easily (thanks to all of the hard parts having been done when I set up the old router) then spent a couple of enthralling hours setting up my old 11b router for my bro-in-law, which took a lot longer than it should because I forgot to undo some of the changes I made when I was messing about with IP addresses last week. All sorted now, anyway, and many thanks to everyone who made helpful noises while I was failing to get this to work without the router.

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