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882 Pieces of gold

There's a mega 882 Ways To Appease The Pagan Gods Drabble thingy, which is trying to get 882 Drabbles based on the cursed gold in Pirates of The Caribbean written by the end of the year. There are 650 already! These include some crossovers, poems, all sorts of other stuff.

Here are links to my entries, such as they are, which I'll update if I write more.

Untitled (Dr Who Crossover)
Tales of the Black Freighter (Watchmen crossover)
Self Preservation Society (Italian Job crossover)
Just Not Her Day... (BtVS Crossover)

If you want to comment on any of these stories please comment here, rather than on the pages for the ficathon (or whatever it's called) - comments there will be deleted!

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