Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Thorne Smith: The Glorious Pool

I've posted The Glorious Pool, which was an absolute bastard to scan since the pages were disintegrating as I scanned it. The first 48 pages fell out, and bits of paper have been raining from the book like confetti as I did the OCR. Fortunately it's comparatively short at 15 chapters. I'd be grateful if anyone who owns a copy could double check that nothing is omitted, since I had to retype large chunks where the OCR went wrong and it wasn't possible to flatten the book out again without much more damage. Although the edition I scanned (Pocket Books 1953) claims to be uncut I suspect that it may have been set from an abridged earlier version, since the plot seems unusually incoherent. If anyone has another edition PLEASE let me know if anything is missing. - about 165k

Someone else is scanning Turnabout, once that's done I'll have all of the Smith fantasies and will hopefully get them set up to be read on line properly within the next few weeks.

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