Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Well, that was painless...

Took me about an hour, mostly trying different styles and tweaking to get the journal and web pages to get it to look at its best in a table on one side of the screen, but ffutures_news is born, and feeding to both my web sites. If you'd like to take a look at it as it's supposed to be seen try:

I've tested it with three PC browsers (Opera, Firefox, and Internet Explorer) and four on the Mac (Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Internet Explorer), know the layout of both pages is far from perfect but I'm leaving a full redesign until the summer hols. What I want to know is if anyone runs into problems.

That's the first time I've tried Internet Explorer on the Mac, it isn't very nice, is it? Even the PC version is more user-friendly somehow.

It's probably pointless friending ffutures_news since everything I post there will also appear here, but it's up to you...

For anyone else planning to do something like this, the way to get the journal to fill the width of a table is to set the width parameter of the frame to "100%" rather than to a number of pixels.

Later: Forgot to say thanks to thedivinegoat and cdybedahl for pointing me at the FAQ that explains how to do this - see their comments on the previous post for details.

Should mention that there is one new announcement on the new journal - a new FF CD-ROM release, adding the revised rules and fixing a few minor bugs. First copies will be going out tomorrow.

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