Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Vote early and... other things

This was going to be an early post, but the network's been running at a glacially slow pace all day and I couldn't get into Livejournal's "update" page until now.

Vote Early And...

Well, early anyway. Managed to get out of the house 20 minutes early and whizzed round to the polling station (which is pretty close), voted, and walked home again in about 15 minutes total, got the bike, and ended up getting in to work early, which is always a plus. This meant I don't have to worry about voting this evening, which is good since I'm going out. I doubt very much anyone other than the Tory will win in this constituency, and even if they don't the Lib-Dems have little or no chance, but I'd be REALLY annoyed if I hadn't voted and the Tories win or the Lib-Dems lose by one vote. If anyone's wondering, the main reason I vote lib-dem is that I would REALLY like to see proportional representation in this country, and they're the only credible party supporting it. Yes, it probably gives moronic racists a say in running the country; it also gives those who oppose them a much bigger say, I hope.

Turnabout has arrived...

Well, I've got a message with an attachment I can't open at work saying so - my ISP's webmail tool is awful, hopefully when I get home it'll be okay. So once I've proof-read it and split it into chapters I will hopefully be able to put all nine Thorne Smith novels on line properly. Watch this space, or ffutures_news.

And I'm buying the boxes...

Remember those lasers I want to build? I'm going to buy commercial electronics boxes, since nobody seems to have any of the slide boxes I wanted. Needs a bit of a redesign, but I think I've got the beginnings of an idea on how to make it work. We shall see... Discovered today that someone actually sells a laser ray box - with five laser diodes, not one, and colossally expensive since it is part of an optics demonstration package. But I can now show that a commercial product exists, which implies that it is as safe as I think it will be.

On which happy thought I will head for the First Thursday gathering in Holborn...

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