Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Free Full Thrust

Ground Zero Games have put their excellent Full Thrust space warfare game and two supplements on line as a freeby, pending a new edition - here's their announcement - I've edited the link a little to make it work, otherwise it's as sent to a mailing list I read:

GZG NEWS, 24th May 2005:

The FULL THRUST Rulebook (2nd Edition), FLEET BOOK 1 (Major Human Powers) and FLEET BOOK 2 (Xeno Files - Alien forces) and now ALL available online as FREE pdf downloads from our website - go to and look for the "downloads" page!

Fleet Book 2 has been out of print for some months now, and stocks of the printed versions of Fleet Book 1 and the Full Thrust rulebook are now running very low (some ARE still available for purchase if you
want original hard copies, but get them soon - there are very few left, and once they are gone, they are gone!). As we are working on a new 3rd edition of the game, we've decided it is not viable to re-print the original 2nd edition books, so we are making them available in pdf form at no charge; our hope is that while you are on our site to download the rules, you'll take a look at the huge ranges of FT ships and other miniatures that we have to offer, and buy some!

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