Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland


Just went to program my freeview box and DVD recorder back to the usual Dr. Who time, and remembered that I also needed to re-tune the box for E4 and some other new channels, which have been part of the service since Friday.

So I got that done, boggled slighly when I realised that there are now 40-odd TV channels, and thought I'd better take a look to see what else is on. Which turns out to be two episodes of Smallville on E4, the second overlapping Dr. Who (but that's why I have another freeview box and a portable TV in the front room). Watching it now, and wondering where the hell we are in continuity; last time I saw Smallville Chloe had just (apparently) died, now she's back, Lana appears to have a new boyfriend, and Lois Lane and (just arrived) Lucy Lane are living with the Kents. What the hell happened? And do C4 or E4 ever plan to show the episodes I've apparently missed?

Later: Just channel surfing again and found that BBC 3 is showing Pulp Fiction, apparently uncut (and no adverts !YAY!) followed by a repeat of Dr. Who a bit after midnight. Guess that's me sorted for the evening...

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