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Hello Tara, Farewell Valkyrie

Had lunch with elementalv, currently visiting Britain, discussed fan fiction and original sources (conclusion, most people write this stuff to suit their own agenda, with canon personality and behaviour very low on their list of priorities) then walked to Notting Hill Gate where we tried to find some second-hand CDs she was looking for and drew a complete blank. A very pleasant couple of hours, it's always nice to meet someone whose work I've greatly enjoyed.

Less pleasant news is that Valkyrie Magazine, currently Britain's only "pro" RPG magazine, is probably folding. The publishers themselves haven't announced anything, and this probably shouldn't be treated as official yet, but it seems pretty definite. It's a shame; Valkyrie was always a fun read, and if they'd actually been able to pay their authors I would have written a lot more for them.

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