Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Foreign Payments for Forgotten Futures

This is also posted to ffutures_news, apologies if you're seeing it twice.

It's with regret that I have to announce that I'll stop accepting non-Sterling cheques and foreign postal orders as payment after August 1st. The demand has in any case been VERY small since I started using Paypal, and my bank will no longer handle transactions below a value that is considerably higher than the maximum Forgotten Futures purchase. While a friend with a dollar account has very kindly helped me with American cheques up to now, I can't carry on relying on this indefinitely. Meanwhile PayPal seems to be working reasonably well, and I may eventually add more payment methods if there seems to be much demand; at the moment PayPal is working well enough that I doubt it'll be necessary.

If you're in the UK a sterling cheque is still best, if you don't mind paying the postage, since it avoids PayPal's handling fee. But for everyone else please use the PayPal ordering page instead, and ignore the order form files that are in the game rules etc.

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