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Just got my network sorted out - not a huge deal since it's not exactly a huge flat, but I've put in cable for the main room I use my PCs in, and a choice of cable or wifi for the laptop, so I can use it in all rooms. Currently typing this in my bedroom, which could be nice if I'm ill.

Ignoring an early attempt with a 10 base hub, which only worked if the main machine was on, this has cost me a total of about 95 pounds:

Linksys 4 port wireless router £50.70 (Amazon)
Binatone Wifi WL1000 WIFI card £12.95 (Maplin electronics, special offer ending in about a week)
Linksys network card for laptop £15.00 (second hand)
Nic for one of the desktop PCs £10.00 approx - other has it built in.
3 cables - about 7 quid from the local computer market.

Getting it all to work was a bit of a pig - the automatic setup for the router gave me a few problems - but once that was sorted it was fine.

Later - forgot to say that adding a wireless access point to the original network would have cost about ten pounds less than the router, and would have been much slower, so this was a VERY cost-effective solution.

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