Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Mass production at last

Took delivery today of a shiny new (well, second-hand) toy that will revolutionise Forgotten Futures. An Orbit II CD duplicating machine of the "shove a stack of CDs into the top and go off to have coffee" variety. Seems to work pretty well, although there was an initial bit of panic caused by Parcelforce handling it so roughly that one of the internal cables came loose.

Hopefully this is going to give me an incentive to get some work done and finish the next release of the game - it cost enough that I want to see it used properly! More importantly it should mean that the annual two-day disk duplicating nightmare becomes a LOT more bearable, I'll be able to handle a lot more of the packing, labelling etc. while copying is in progress, rather than having to keep shuffling disks around on two PCs, and the chance that a dodgy or blank CD goes out to someone should be greatly reduced. And it'll also be available to friends etc. if a big copy job is needed, which ought to be useful.

Above all else, it's a SHINY NEW TOY! Had loads of fun getting into the menus etc., programming it to do different jobs, deliberately getting it to reject a CD so I could see it spat out of the machine's backside (yes, it does give that impression), etc. And in the long term it looks like it may be upgradeable to take DVD drives, so if the FF CD-ROM keeps expanding and gets really bloated I won't have to go to a second disk.
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