Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Not dead yet...

A couple of people have left comments asking if I'm OK following the London bombings; as should be obvious I am.

I do work in the general area, near Baker Street, and would have liked to have posted a lot earlier but our server was down all day due techno-screwups of some sort. Basically, what happened was that we began to hear about this during the morning, and immediately had to make sure that all kids were OK, that no kids went off site without a parent, etc. After that we went on with lessons, with kids gradually going home as parents came to collect them. By about three-fifteen the labs were clear and my boss told me to go home.

No work tomorrow - most of the staff and kids come in by tube, and nobody thinks that services will be running normally tomorrow, so it just isn't worth trying to open the building - so I'll try to get some writing done and rest a little, and make sure that my family etc. are OK.

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