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Willow Meets Zatanna

One of my recent stories had a very brief encounter between Willow Rosenberg and a witch not totally unlike Zatanna. So I thought why not try my hand at an icon...

The Zatanna picture was found on line, not sure who the artist is. The manip to "Willowtana" is a fairly basic head transplant plus some blurring of the edges etc. Didn't work as well as I would have liked, as is obvious from the bigger picture, but the icon seems to be reasonably good anyway.

One of these days I really must get myself a decent paint package. Any recommendations? Currently using PaintShop Pro 4, incidentally.

Later - Forgot to say that katemonkey gave me the idea for this in a round-about way. Also that the story was the last part of Bring Me The Head of Harry Potter

Later still - John Koenigsbeck tells me the artist was Brian Bolland.

And a final thought on Thursday night - Is her head a little too big? I think she's a shorter woman than Zatanna is supposed to be, so her head would be proportionally larger, and maybe I should have changed the body proportions slightly but I don't think it would have worked very well.

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