Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Baptism of Fire

Panic is arriving at a Worldcon, looking at the list of programme items you're on - and finding that you're supposed to be moderating the first of them in a little over an hour, and that one of the other participants is Harry Turtledove. Entirely my own fault, since I did have advance warning that I was moderator - I just forgot since it was a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately I did get a chance to sit down with the other participants first, but I still lost the plot a couple of times - luckily the other participants were pretty good and made up for me, and we managed to make a reasonably good case against writing fantasy with a medieval setting.

Later met rozk and attempted to get food in the carvery, only to be told that a restaurant that at that point had fourteen empty tables (and we counted them) couldn't do a table for two because they were fully booked, despite the fact that it was already past the time they claimed they were booked for. Roz will probably have more things to say about this at some point - I simply have no intention of giving the Moat House restaurants, bar, etc. any of my money for the rest of the con. After that spent an hour or so talking to people and taking a look through the programme to see what other items interested me, and marking in the panels I'm on. At the moment my schedule looks like this:

Friday 11.00 AM - Game Design; You've Read It, Could You Play It
Turning books etc into games - hopefully I can be reasonably coherent on this

Saturday 12.00 AM - Making a Good End Of it: Buffy and Angel
Could the last seasons of these shows have ended differently - if so how, and did Joss make the right decisions? Fun, especially since I'm going in with the theory that Buffy should have stayed dead at the end of Season 5...

Saturday 2.30 PM - Edwardian SF
Me talking for half an hour on alternatives to Wells etc.

Saturday 7.00 PM - Game design: Realism versus playability
I'm moderating this one too - the premise seems to be that complexity is necessarily more realistic than simplicity, and I don't personally believe this, so it'll be interesting to see how it goes - not too sure how the other panelists think on this, so it ought to be interesting.

Sunday 5.00 PM - Getting a Game from Idea to Market Place
Problems, market forces, etc.

And so (via a reasonably good kebab shop) back to my room and Livejournal. Will now try to get an early night, since I didn't last night.

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