Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Hugo Awards

For anyone who's interested and hasn't seen it elsewhere, here's the results of the Worldcon awards ceremony and the Hugo awards. There are a few names I don't know here, apologies if I spell anything wrong:

First fandom hall of fame award – Howard Devore
Big heart award – Waldemar Kumming, John Henry Homber, Ina Shurrock
James White award – Elizabeth Hopkinson
Special committee award - David Pringle
John W. Campbell Award best new writer – Elizabeth Bear


Fan artist – Sue Mason frostfox
Fanzine – Plokta plokta
Fan writer – David Langford
Web site – Scifiction –
Semiprozine – Ansible
Pro artist – Jim Burns
Best Professional editor – Ellen Datlow
Dramatic – short form – Battlestar Galactica - episode "33"
Dramatic – long form – The Incredibles
Related book – The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction
Short story – Travels With My Cats by Mike Resnick
Novelette – The Fairy Handbag by Kelly Link
Novella – The Concrete Jungle – Charles Stross autopope - story is posted in his LJ tonight.
Novel – Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell – Susanna Clarke

full details here:

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