Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Comment Spammer

Someone who wants people to write for a West Wing crossover fanfic archive sent me two e-mails and has begun to comment spam my posts on livejournal and stories on, and I suspect those of others who are posting there. I've now deleted her post and blocked her from posting comments to my journal; unfortunately does not allow deletion of signed reviews, but since that story is nearly a year old I doubt many people will see the review. I've blocked her from reviewing any more of my stories.

If this is a ploy to get me to post to her archive it's a remarkably stupid one, since it will now be a VERY cold day in hell before I do so.

If anyone else wants to block her she's jasadin, name is miss jasadin.

Later: Several people who have posted West Wing crossovers have now been spammed this way. I suspect that a LOT of trouble is heading her way...

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