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Elvis - The Colonel and Priscilla

Here's the final (possibly) version of the descriptions for these two characters:

Notable figures that may be encountered in the Land of Grace or the surrounding area include Colonel Parker, commander of the palace guard, and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

Colonel Parker is a skilled professional soldier and renowned pistol and sabre duellist, loyal to his nation rather than Costello. He has sworn an oath to protect the occupant of the throne, whoever it may be and however worthy (or unworthy) to rule. In his encounters with Elvis he usually appears to obey the letter of his instructions, even if this is against Costello’s intentions, and this has sometimes worked in Elvis’ favour. However, it is possible that he is playing a much deeper game than at first appears, manoeuvring Elvis and Costello onto a collision course and planning to seize the throne for himself when both are too weak to stop him. Whatever he may plan, it’s certain that the guards he commands will follow him; they seem to be blindly loyal to Parker, not Costello. While Parker and his men are usually encountered inside the Land of Grace, they are occasionally sent out on missions in the surrounding area. Elvis once entered The Land of Grace by taking the place of a returning guard, but this loophole has probably been blocked. A useful role model is Rupert of Hentzau, in The Prisoner of Zenda.

Queen Priscilla leads a band of wandering brigands (mostly beautiful young women) who prey on the camel caravans which carry goods to and from the Land of Grace. A voluptuous cigar-smoking blonde whose costume runs heavily to sequins, she seems to have great affection for Elvis, though she invariably makes him pay for any help she gives him or his friends. Elvis has seen her unveiled face, and by the customs of her tribe can be considered to be her husband, a fact she hasn’t yet mentioned to him; she’s saving it for a suitably embarrassing occasion. Her band includes a few dozen armed horsemen, with a steam-powered armoured car and a small helicopter. She isn’t interested in helping Elvis to overthrow Costello – she suspects that if Elvis took over he would make life much harder for bandits – but won’t sell him out to his enemies unless she is offered an unusually good price, or as part of some devious deception arranged by Elvis. Useful role models include Omar Sharif in Lawrence of Arabia and Maud Adams in Octopussy.

Okay, just need to say a little more about the Land of Grace and the surrounding area, then I get on to the main characters, describing a typical episode, adventure outlines, etc. etc.
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