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Elvis - gods of music

Here's a few musical gods and goddesses for the Elvis RPG. Any suggestions on others?

Gods and Goddesses are often encountered. As in Diana… an occasional villain is Landmines, God of War, although he takes less interest in Elvis than he does in Diana. Many other gods and spirits have appeared, representing every possible aspect of life. In particular there appear to be several different gods and goddesses of music, the most prominent being:
Ray is the god of the Sun and music. He has a habit of turning up in disguise and challenging musicians to contests which are almost impossible to win, then demanding their services as a forfeit for losing. If beaten he is a sore loser, especially if he is defeated by “cheating” such as the use of Mystic Power. Typically the name he uses is a clue to his identity; for example, he might call himself ‘Sol’ or ‘Sonny’.
Dholeboy, God of Sound is often prayed to when technicians are setting up sound systems. Also sometimes known by the name Wantu, as in the traditional chant “Testing, Testing, Wantu, Wantu.” Dholeboy is worshipped in many ways, the most traditional being the ritual destruction of a piece of equipment or an instrument. If this sacrifice isn’t made his worshippers fear he’ll do much worse while the equipment is actually being used.
Eyepoad, Goddess of Recording, mostly seems to be a much more benign spirit, easily placated by the sacrifice of some fruit. Traditionally worshippers offer to share their food with the goddess by biting it (to prove that it is fit to be eaten) then leaving the rest where she can easily see it. For this reason the homes of musicians are often littered with half-eaten apples.
Ganja is a mysterious god worshipped by some musicians and their associates including Bob ‘The Builder’ Marley. He (or she) has never been described clearly. Worship involves the consumption of the smoke of sacred herbs, apparently inducing a trance-like state in which the god is channelled to provide Mystic Power to musicians and their associates. While there is a superficial resemblance to the rites of Old Nick O’Teen (see Diana…) there is no rigid temple hierarchy; adherents typically grow their own sacred herbs and commune with the god without the use of intermediaries, and generally seem much happier and healthier.

I could really do with a god or goddess of dance - Travolta doesn't seem quite right somehow. Any suggestions?
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