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Elvis - Rival musicians

Here's a passage describing some rival musicians - any suggestions for more?

Rival musicians are occasionally a nuisance. Sometimes they try to compete for public attention and money, sometimes they seem to be pawns of Costello, the gods, and other movers and shakers. Some typical examples:

The Booze Brothers are identical twins with an interest in rock music and alcohol. They’re adherents of the cult of Bhud, god of beer, and regard it as their sacred mission to get their audience “as drunk as skunks” whenever they perform. This isn’t a huge problem in some areas, although the there are invariably a few fist fights after performances, but King Martin Luther’s church tends to dislike drunkenness, while Uncle Sam regards it as subversive activity; since everyone in his state is supposed to be a soldier, and permanently on duty, any drunken citizen is drunk on duty, a court martial offence. The Booze Brothers have the mystic Jug of Bhud, a pitcher that is always full of beer; as soon as one glass is poured out it refills magically. It’s the only one known, and there have been several attempts to steal it or destroy it.

The Rambling Rocks are a British rock group, notable mostly for the extreme age of the musicians. Whenever they appear the performance is attended by elderly fans who claim to have childhood memories of the group. They are always accompanied by extremely heavy security and rarely seen off-stage. It’s possible, of course, that some or all of the members have been replaced by younger musicians – there are very few pictures of their earlier years – but there are theories that they might be clones of the original musicians, or possibly even undead. Chancellor Thatcher (see Diana…) is allegedly a fan and widely believed to be undead, which may be significant.
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