Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Elvis goes fishing...

Okay... Situation in the wonderful "typical episode" is that they now know that the roc attacks any loud music. They have used maps etc. to guess where it might be nesting, then split up to test the idea at some likely locations. This leads to the following:

Cut to Billie and Bob checking their map then setting up a CD player (with horn) then driving off a few hundred yards. An improvised timer can be seen, counting down towards zero.

Cut to Vlad and Joe doing the same thing, this time with a huge tape recorder (which uses a thick reel of punched tape, not a cassette.)

Cut to Elvis setting up a small loudspeaker then unrolling a long cable towards a clump of bushes. He plugs the cable into his guitar then begins to play ‘Jailhouse Rock.’

Cut to the CD player and tape recorder, both playing the same tune.

Cut to a huge unblinking eye, pulling back to reveal that it is the head of a gigantic bird, gliding on a thermal. The music can be heard, extremely faintly. It starts to flap its wings and nose down into a dive.

Cut to Elvis then each of the groups in turn, waiting tensely as the music plays. Cut back to the bird, extending its claws. Repeat, with the bird increasing speed.

Cut to Elvis playing, and to the Roc hurtling down to destroy his speaker, swallowing it in a single bite then running to take off again with the cable dangling from its mouth. Elvis is dragged across the ground behind it, his foot caught in the cable. After several tense seconds (or an advertising break) he manages to draw a knife and cut himself free, and watches the roc fly off into the distance. He dusts himself off, pulls out his cell-phone, and says “Guys… I think we’re gonna need a bigger amp.”

The question then... does this line have the right sort of resonance, or will it at least get a cheap laugh?

Oh - latest on the Diana PDF is that it has sold 15 copies in the last month and has been rated 5 stars by one purchaser. I HOPE that this is a good start, and that sales will keep up for a while.
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