Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Bloody trains, bloody Microsoft

Went to Bath for the weekend, had a great time and saw numerous friends. In the afternoon today a bunch of us went to see Serenity, which is just as good as everyone said. So I left this evening feeling good with the world, expecting to catch a train about seven and be home by 8.45 or so. Except that there's work on the lines, I had to change trains at Swindon, and the connecting train left before my (delayed) train got in. The delay was caused by the connecting train being run on the same stretch of track first... Which meant nearly an hour's wait at Swindon station, the anus of the universe, and final arrival at home around 10.15 PM, since when I've been catching up on mail, news, etc.

Meanwhile Microsoft Update has been updating Internet Explorer to plug yet more security holes, and now wants to restart my computer. It's asked me five times now, and I've said no every time because I want to do other things first, you'd think it could take the hint.

A crap end to a very good weekend. Never mind, tomorrow will undoubtedly be no improvement.

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