Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

More technogeekery

Got myself something I've wanted for a while - a 640x480 USB microscope camera. This is basically a USB webcam with low light capability and a lens etc. to work like a microscope eyepiece, and typically they cost 70 quid or so on eBay. This one somehow slipped through the net and went for 46 quid, which hopefully means that if I don't seem to be using it much I'll be able to flog it and make a profit. Would have preferred higher resolution but they don't seem to be on offer on eBay at all, or on sale anywhere I can find in the UK.

Anyway, the camera is made by jincheng and seems to be the predecessor of the 640x480 USB model on this page:

Arrived today and it's working fine with a PC. but I'll also want Mac OS-X compatibility and the manufacturer doesn't offer drivers - none of these things have Mac drivers, with the exception of the REALLY expensive high-res ones that start around 500 quid. I'm hoping it'll just work when I plug it into the iBook tonight - I've downloaded the Macam webcam driver thing from Sourceforge - but if it doesn't, does anyone have any suggestions on ways of getting it to work? Needless to say I've emailed the manufacturer, but I somehow doubt they have anything.

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