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Elvis: The Mysterious East (Boston)

One of the characters in Elvis: The Legendary Tours is a shaman from the mysterious East (Boston). His talents include the arcane martial art and meditative technique known as Sudoku. I'm not entirely happy with the description that follows, if anyone has any suggestions on improving it I'd be grateful. One thing though, this has to fit on a character record and there isn't much space left, so it can't get much longer!
You are a master of Sudoku, an ancient and mysterious martial art. Part of the philosophy behind it is an arcane numerological fortune-telling system which involves putting numbered tiles onto a 9x9 grid; the sequence in which the numbers fit, and their location on the grid, can somehow be used to generate insights into the future.
A few paragraphs skipped, then we get to the notes for the character which include:
Sudoku Combat: A martial art based on pressure points, usually delivered by a sharp prod of an extended finger. Initiates keep their index finger nails abnormally long. Yours are about an inch long giving you +1 to all weaponless Martial Arts attacks (not kicks etc.) A true master might have them three or four inches long +2 or +3 to attacks.

Sudoku Meditation: As noted above, this is simply a technique of numerology in which numbered tiles are fitted onto a 9x9 grid. The rules for this technique are a closely-guarded secret of Sudoku initiates, who refer cryptically to things like “the way of the excluded number”, “the garden of forking paths” and “eliminating the extraneous,” but never actually explain things in a way that an outsider will understand. Successful meditation can give an insight into the past or future, and possibly a vision of things that would otherwise be unknown; the more successes that are rolled, the better the outcome is likely to be, but success or failure is always determined by the referee. The meditation process takes at least fifteen or twenty minutes (more for a particularly difficult prediction) and involves chanting, fitting tiles, etc.

Later: This will be in the rules section, not on the character sheet, at the suggestion of orangemike

Initiates train on mats marked out with the traditional 9x9 grid and an (apparently) random sequence of numbers marked on some or all of the squares, with a different stroke or combat manoeuvre for each number, and shout the numbers as they leap from square to square. This technique can be used as another way to generate the numerological sequences used for Sudoku prediction, though they require an additional initiate to take notes. One consequence of this form of training is that initiates often shout out numbers and the names of combat manoeuvres as they fight; for example “147 – crouching weasel! 692 – rabid coypu!”. It’s a hard habit to break, and means that when initiates fight they often seem to predict each other’s moves by extrapolating the next numbers of the sequence.
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