October 28th, 2003

marcus 2013


I take one day off work...

It's the half-term holiday this week, so I decided to take Monday and Friday as part of my annual leave.

So I got in today to discover that our IT department has nicked eleven relatively new 17" monitors from the science department and dumped a load of old ones in their places. No explanation so far, since the IT technician isn't in, and I can't see them around the building anywhere. The problems with this include

1: They were purchased with a special Science IT grant which will be audited sooner or later, and I will need to show that we have them.

2: They have amplified speakers built in; the ones that were left don't, and we don't have any spare mains sockets for separate speakers.

3: One of them was being used by a partially sighted kid who needs special cameras etc. to work; we already know that the monitor that was left isn't suitable for this, because it was the type we originally tried and we had to substitute one of our own monitors to get the equipment to work.

4: They're old and crappy and some of them are filthy.

The really annoying part of this is that the other lab technician here, who is an idiot, actually opened the doors for him and assumed that he was putting new monitors in, despite the fact that they are obviusly a pile of guano.

I do hope that there's an icon for furious...
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