November 3rd, 2003

marcus 2013

Build your own cruise missile (and other fun stuff)

Probably old news for many readers but this site interested me; the owner is an expert on pulse jets (as used in the VI missiles of WW2), recently appeared on Junkyard Wars and is currently trying to build his own cruise missile for $5000. Sounds like good clean fun.

And so to bed...

Later edit: Sorry, Scrapheap Challenge, not Junkyard Wars
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marcus 2013

Anyone know how to get an RSS feed to show as a Friend?

The net nanny software at work won't let me look at Steve Jackson Games "Daily Illuminator" site, which quite often has interesting science news. They have an RSS feed option, I was wondering if it was possible to somehow have it show up as a "friend" or something when it's updated, which hopefully will get around the problem.

The site is

I'm told it's the XML that's accessible from this page that I have to link to, just not sure how.

If anyone can help me with this I'd be grateful.
Angel of the Revolution

Omphalos part II

Added a second chapter of my BtVS/DS9 fanfic Omphalos - the plot thickens and Dawn discovers that honesty may not always be the best policy

I think I may work on this one fast and put my other stories on hold until it's done. Or maybe not...
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