February 7th, 2004

marcus 2013

WIP Amnesty

Seen in the journals of rozk and dafnap. There's allegedly a WIP amnesty today, an excuse to post bits of story that'll never be finished. So here goes...

This first one is a Modesty Blaise crossover I started but never finished. Can't now remember what the title was about, since Bringers didn't have eyes! Spot the Good Omens reference.

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The second one was the first idea I had for a Sopranos crossover, eventually decided too many other people had done variants on this idea:

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This last one is something that I started then shelved a few days ago. It would have been the prequel to my Drabble Green but I really don't want to reread all the comics that would have been needed to make it work. Maybe one day I'll do something with it, but not in this form. I think that the context is the Justice League Europe comic (back when it was funny).

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If anyone wants to do something with any of this stuff let me know - I really doubt I'm ever going to go back to them.
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More Fanfic Recs.

I promised rozk that I'd post a few recs. Here are some more:

With A Star by Don Sample is a nice quiet BtVS crossover; the crossover is with Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorskosigan novels, and it isn't a time travel story, just a (very) post BtVS Season 7 story in which Miles stumbles across an ancient mystery while honeymooning beside the Sunnydale Lagoon. Don has also written Harry Potter and the Key of Dagon, one of the few BtVS / HP crossovers that doesn't make me cringe with embarassment.

Stupid Portal by Tara Keezer is the best long BtVS / Star Trek crossover I've seen, and was an important influence when I was writing Omphalos. The best BtVS / Trek crossover I've seen, fulls stop, is Jennifer Oksana's Real, More or Less, also an important source for my story.

Finally, rozk herself has written some excellent stories, mostly slash, that can be found at
I particularly recommend Decent Interval, Decent Interval, and the Faith By Night series.