February 12th, 2004

Angel of the Revolution

Not a Meme (exactly...)

Pointed out by sjgames and thoroughly enjoyed, Mr. Picassohead lets you create a Picasso masterpiece (yeah, right). Doesn't seem to be possible to save them (except possibly by hitting print screen and editing the resultant image), but you are e-mailed the URL of your picture. They claim not to be harvesting e-mail addresses, the one I gave them is VERY thoroughly spam filtered so we shall see...

Here's one I made earlier

Later - saved pictures don't seem to be working at the moment, I suspect they've had a lot of hits today since sjgames site has a BIG readership.
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Live Action Toon

Bored? British? At home during the day?

Educational TV occasionally has interesting surprises. One programme to look out for is Channel 4's Scientific Eye, which occasionally gets very strange. Such as their program on food chains, first aired a couple of years ago and probably still being shown a couple of times a year, which illustrates its lesson by discussing foxes, rabbits, and predation - with people dressed up as foxes running around and hitting people dressed as rabbits with large clubs!

Fans of the RPG Toon will feel very much at home...


... is the 2005 British Roleplaying Society convention, which is going to be held at New Hall, Cambridge on August 12th-14th, 2005. They've just announced the guests, David Pulver (GURPS Transhuman Space etc.) as Guest of Honour and.. er.. me as UK Guest, not apparently of anything in particular, presumably on the well-known principle of being someone cheap who was going to be there anyway. Actually it is an honour to be asked, just hope I'll be up to it.

Full details can be found on their web site. Previous New Hall conventions have been excellent, and I hope I'll see some of you there.
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A while ago I was thinking it'd be nice to have a BtVS site devoted to the Buffybot, April, and the other BtVS robots. Lo and behold, I've just found one


has articles on all of the robots in BtVS / Angel (plus at least one cyborg and someone who I suspect is neither a robot nor a cyborg, just very strange) and two seasons of Buffybot Adventures, one (complete) set between BtVS seasons 5 and 6, the other an AU set in BtVS season 6, so far running to five episodes. It looks like fun.

It'd still be nice to have a complete BtVS / Angel robot archive with stories from multiple authors, but this is an acceptable start.