February 26th, 2004

marcus 2013

So farewell then Sprint...

For a very long time my word processor of choice has been Borland's Sprint, a DOS-based WP with some nice features that were well ahead of its time such as multiple documents open, no obvious limit on document size, auto spell check as you type, auto save and recovery from crashes, etc.

But Sprint is pretty old now, most of my WP ends up as HTML, and it's inconvenient to use a DOS program for this purpose; the sequence was "save as text, ctrl-tab to windows, reload in browser, curse horribly, get back to Sprint and fix the errors". It also seems to run into more and more problems with each new PC; it won't run full screen under Windows 2k or Windows 98 SE, for example. Accordingly I've gradually been moving my long-term documents over to other software; mostly Notetab Pro, Word, and Wordpad, and in a couple of instances spreadsheets. The last straw came last night, when I put a printer server onto my home network, discovered how ***ing horrible the printer port capture routine is under Windows XP, then found out that Sprint tries to drive the hardware directly and hangs if you try to print to a captured printer port.

The upshot is that I'm retiring Sprint, and will probsably never use it again. It's a real shame, because for a long time it was easily the best word processor around. I'm going to miss it.
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