March 21st, 2004

marcus 2013

A Better Porter

I've reposted the automaton porter picture - something went wrong with the grey scale on that one so I've had to redo it, and found a much better picture to go with the automaton - bonus points (metaphorical ones) and steampunk-cred to anyone who spots who it is.

The picture is on last night's update and here

Later - reposted to fix the things everyone mentioned, I hope. The shop front still isn't wonderful but it's the best I could find, even Google came up empty on a shop window of the right type at the right angle etc.
marcus 2013

And another automaton

This one's a Ford automaton of 1900 or thereabouts. Powered by compressed air (from a hose), has a rotating fitting for drills, saws, etc. as one hand and a gripper for the other. Dumb, easily panicked ("Where are the bolts? Where are the bolts?!"), I think it maybe looks a little too modern, so comments please.

I've updated the robot porter picture from my last post too, if anyone wants to take another look at that.
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