May 30th, 2004

Angel of the Revolution

Forgotten Futures Rules PDFs

David Bruns has done a wonderful job of converting the HTML versions of the Forgotten Futures game rules and summary rules to .pdf format. They're on the main Forgotten Futures site as:

There ought to be links to these files on both of my sites later today. I'll also add them to the next release of the FF CD-ROM etc.

Please note that this isn't the text of the book published by Heliograph Inc., which adds a lot of extra material. It's simply an alternative to the HTML files that have been on line almost since I launched the game.
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lost world

They don't make 'em like that any more...

Just doing some OCR on one of the books I'll be adding to the next release of the FF CD-ROM, George Griffith's "The World Peril of 1910", and came across this little passage:

He slept the sleep of a man physically and mentally tired, in spite of the load of unspeakable anxiety which was weighing upon his mind. For during his last night's work, he had learnt what no other man in the world knew. He had learnt that, unless a miracle happened, or some almost superhuman feat of ingenuity and daring was accomplished, that day thirteen months hence would see the annihilation of every living thing on earth, and the planet Terra converted into a dark and lifeless orb, a wilderness drifting through space, the blackened and desolated sepulchre of the countless millions of living beings which now inhabited it.

You don't come across literary craftsmanship like that any more, you just can't get the wood...